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Prife iTera Care vs. Terahertz Wand

Updated: Jan 18

I was introduced to the iTera wand in late November, 2022, by my father who is a radio talk show host on the National Intel Report. Prior to this introduction, I had never seen or heard of this device before. I was asked to research this device, and prepare to go on the air to discuss my findings. My research began by simply reading the first couple of sentences of the instruction manual. It said "this device is rendered useless if the crystal is broken." This was my first step into the rabbit hole.

The crystal tube is made out of a high quality clear quartz crystal. When the device is plugged into the wall and turned on, heated air is forced through this crystal tube and molecules bounce off the crystal which creates a terahertz frequency that is aimed at the body and penetrates the skin up to 12 inches. Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as normal, healthy cells. But wait a minute, I thought Crystal Therapy was considered a "pseudoscience"...

Crystal Therapy and Frequency Healing

Crystal Therapy is an energy healing practice that is commonly used for chakra balancing purposes. The standard frequency for a clear quartz crystal (in rock form) is 32.768kHz. The frequency emitted by the wand is equal to 10,000,000,000 kHz (10thz). You can increase the frequency of the clear quartz crystal by 9,999,999,967.232 kHz just by modifying its shape and adding heat and forced air. The Prife iTera Care wand and the generic Terahertz wand both contain the same crystal. The difference is the Prife iTera Care wand does not contain a chipped sticker, which is used to store information. The sticker has nothing to do with the operation or function of the device.

Click on the image to read the full article written by Steven Novella, Science-Based Medicine, (2019). "Frequency" is related to energy. This is basic science. The shorter wavelengths and higher frequency corresponds with greater energy. "Energy" referred to in energy medicine is also "basic". The human body consumes food for "energy", and the flow of these "energies" can be measured in all living things. Someone, please send this guy a science book.

According to Science-Based Medicine, "Crystal Therapy" is a pseudoscience. Yet, according to the National Library of Medicine, "THz waves with frequencies in the range of 0.1 to 10 THz are electromagnetic radiation with growing applications in various fields of science and technology." The Terahertz wands produce a frequency of 10 THz, and these devices are rendered useless if the "crystal" is broken.

What is the difference between Prife iTera Care and the Terahertz Wand?

Prife iTera Care

Terahertz Wand

Heat settings contain numbers

Heat settings contain roman numerals

Vent placement/design - 30 holes

Vent placement/design - 40 holes

Built-in breaker on plug

Standard plug

Clear crystal without sticker

Clear crystal with sticker

2 arrows on detachment piece

1 arrow on detachment piece

Rated Voltage 110V