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Prife iTera Care vs. Terahertz Wand

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I was introduced to the iTera wand in late November, 2022, by my father who is a radio talk show host on the National Intel Report. Prior to this introduction, I had never seen or heard of this device before. I was asked to research this device, and prepare to go on the air to discuss my findings. My research began by simply reading the first couple of sentences of the instruction manual. It said "this device is rendered useless if the crystal is broken." This was my first step into the rabbit hole.

Terahertz Wand Comparison

The crystal tube is made out of a high quality clear quartz crystal. When the device is plugged into the wall and turned on, heated air is forced through this crystal tube and molecules bounce off the crystal which creates a terahertz frequency that is aimed at the body and penetrates the skin up to 12 inches. Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as normal, healthy cells. But wait a minute, I thought Crystal Therapy was considered a "pseudoscience"...

Crystal Therapy and Frequency Healing

Crystal Therapy is an energy healing practice that is commonly used for chakra balancing purposes. The standard frequency for a clear quartz crystal (in rock form) is 32.768kHz. The frequency emitted by the wand is equal to 10,000,000,000 kHz (10thz). You can increase the frequency of the clear quartz crystal by 9,999,999,967.232 kHz just by modifying its shape and adding heat and forced air. The Prife iTera Care wand and the generic Terahertz wand both contain the same crystal. The difference is the Prife iTera Care wand does not contain a chipped sticker, which is used to store information. The sticker has nothing to do with the operation or function of the device.

Steven Novella, Science-Based Medicine, (2019).

Click on the image to read the full article written by Steven Novella, Science-Based Medicine, (2019). "Frequency" is related to energy. This is basic science. The shorter wavelengths and higher frequency corresponds with greater energy. "Energy" referred to in energy medicine is also "basic". The human body consumes food for "energy", and the flow of these "energies" can be measured in all living things. Someone, please send this guy a science book.

Scientific Research Article

According to Science-Based Medicine, "Crystal Therapy" is a pseudoscience. Yet, according to the National Library of Medicine, "THz waves with frequencies in the range of 0.1 to 10 THz are electromagnetic radiation with growing applications in various fields of science and technology." The Terahertz wands produce a frequency of 10 THz, and these devices are rendered useless if the "crystal" is broken.

What is the difference between Prife iTera Care and the Terahertz Wand?

Prife iTera Care

Terahertz Wand

Heat settings contain numbers

Heat settings contain roman numerals

Vent placement/design - 30 holes

Vent placement/design - 40 holes

Built-in breaker on plug

Standard plug

Clear crystal without sticker

Clear crystal with sticker

2 arrows on detachment piece

1 arrow on detachment piece

Rated Voltage 110V

Rated Voltage 220V

Stamped with Prife iTera Care Trademark

Unbranded - No Trademark

Design Patent: Visual Appearance

No Design Patent

No Utility Patent

No Utility Patent

Certified and Approved inspection through China Quality Certification Centre

Certified and Approved Inspection through China General Certification Center

After thorough evaluation in comparing the two devices, we could not find any operational differences. Both products contain the same internal parts, have equal rated power, equal rated frequency, and were both manufactured in China. Therefore, we have concluded the difference between the Prife iTera Care wand and the Terahertz wand is the design, or visual appearance. Both devices were rated 5 stars by consumers. We also gave both wands a 5 star rating.

Terahertz Wands

When I received my generic Teraherz wand in the mail, I was both shocked and appalled by what I had discovered. Prife had conveniently eliminated important safety warnings from their version of the instruction manual. Additionally, there are Prife Distributors who are using deceptive marketing tactics to encourage wand use in individuals with "prohibited conditions". See warnings below.


- Severe heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and severe insufficiency of viscera and organs

- Acute attacks such as active tuberculosis, acute hepatitis, advanced tumor, critical disease, severe disease, and emergency

- Do not use on parts where there is metal, pacemaker, drug pump, prosthesis, filler, stent, or plate in the body

- Open fractures caused by external injuries or unhealed surgical wounds

- Mentally ill patients

- Bleeding disorders

- It is prohibited for those who have unrealistic illusions about its effects (curing cancer, growing new organs, etc.)


When I was first introduced to this device, my father informed me that "there are a lot of people who are excited about this product", and his mission was to discern the purpose for that excitement. Was it because this device was actually helping people, or was it because they were getting rich sitting on their couch selling it? After I tested the Prife iTera Care wand for 7 days, I decided I wanted to purchase a wand for myself. That's when I called the Distributor to place my order over the phone.

I began experiencing issues immediately after placing my order, and the problems continued through receiving my order (2 weeks late). My description of the customer service I received is "low frequency; deceptive business practices". I became aware that I was not alone when my father called to get my feedback regarding the experience. His inbox was full of complaints from other customers who ordered this wand through these Prife Distributors who seemed to have a change of tone after processing the transactions. They have a habit of excluding their disclaimer "all sales are final" until after the transaction is completed.

By the end of my experience, I was starting to feel "scammed". My order was finally shipped after I informed the Stockist I would be disputing this transaction with my credit card company. I received a USED Prife iTera Care wand when my order finally arrived. The certified seal was broken, there were scuff marks on the plug, and coffee stains on the device. When I requested a return shipping label to exchange the used wand for a new wand (per my order), the Stockist denied sending me a used wand and refused to exchange my product. Additionally, there were no instructions in my "brand new" box.

Animal Instincts Do Not Lie

I have used both wands on my elderly chihuahua who has severe arthritis and mobility issues. Each time I use the wand, he gets a burst of energy, runs around, and plays with the cat within 2 minutes. I have a cat who hates water like most other cats. One day, I used the Prife iTera Care wand to charge my bath water. I could not believe how she reacted. Two weeks later, I used the generic Terahertz wand to charge my bath water to see if she would react the same way. Below is the video footage of her reaction. Prior to using the wand on my bath water she would come into the bathroom, and lay on the rug by the door. She is 3 years old, and I take baths on a regular basis. She never came near the water until I charged it with the wand.

My Experience with the Prife iTera Care wand and the generic Terahertz Wand

I used the wand as directed on the lowest setting for 20 minutes, one time. Prior to using the wand, I was experiencing pain in my side and in my neck at around a level 8 out of 10. After one treatment, my pain level went down to a 1 and it has not returned. I have been using the wand to blow dry my damaged hair, and have noticed significant improvements in moisture and strength. I don't lose nearly as much hair in the shower.

I use the wand on my son's legs on the lowest heat setting for 2 minutes when he has trouble walking due to muscle soreness from playing sports. It relieves his soreness immediately, and has been faster and more efficient at practice. I have also used the wand on my husband's back once after a 20 minute treatment. He works in construction and has back problems. He hasn't had issues since. I used the wand on a few friends at our Christmas party. One person had a pulled groin, and two others had lower back problems. All three people experienced pain relief immediately without recurring symptoms.

We also have a friend who needs back surgery, and is on medication for depression and anxiety. A chakra evaluation revealed imbalances in all 7 chakras. We loaned him our generic Terahertz Wand, and he just recently started these treatments. I currently do not have any feedback, but I will update his condition in another blog once I have more information.

Professional Conclusion

The Terahertz Wand stimulates the body's natural ability to heal itself by penetrating the skin with a terahertz (high) frequency. The flow of energy was measured in all 7 chakras before and after the first terahertz treatment. Both participants had minor imbalances in 2/7 chakras. The results after one 20 minute with the Terahertz Wand showed all 7/7 chakras were balanced and flowing vibrantly in both participants. When these results were compared to the results of these measurements in Reiki case studies, the terahertz wand produced stronger, faster, and more effective results.

The wand itself is not healing people. It is simply penetrating the body with a "frequency" that is measured at 10 THz. You can penetrate the body with any "frequency" just by turning up the volume on your stereo. Sound Therapy uses sound/music for therapeutic purposes to improve health and well-being. The sound resonates at specific "frequencies" that penetrate the body to align imbalances in chakras or energy centers within our body that resonate at that particular frequency. The Terahertz Wand is just a tool, just like Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy, and other energy healing practices are "tools" we use to align our energy centers/chakras.

Important Disclaimers

Although it is considered safe to drink 2 cups of de-ionized water prior to and after wand treatments, scientific research studies show this may be harmful in elderly and certain people. Due to its purity, de-ionized water binds with anything it comes in contact with. Over consumption could potentially lead to depleting your body of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are essential for healing. Please make sure you are taking a quality multi-vitamin daily when drinking de-ionized water.

You can't go to the gas station, fill up your gas tank with diet coke, and expect to get very far. The same holds true for your body. In order to promote "healing", our body needs nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. If your goal is "healing", get rid of the "low frequency foods" (sugar, processed food, alcohol, etc.) and replace with "high frequency foods" (grass fed meats, organic everything). Consuming low frequency foods will counter-act the THz (high) frequency, resulting in ineffective THz treatments.

Wild West Tested & Approved Terahertz Wand

Jessica Clowers is a certified energy healing practitioner and Reiki Master with a background in Psychology, Quantum Physics, and Clinical Parapsychology. She specializes in developing advanced energy healing therapies for chronic pain.

On December 30th, 2022, Jessica concluded her evaluation, and determined the only difference between the Prife iTera Care wand and the generic Terahertz Wand is visual appearance. Both devices have the same internal parts with equal operational functions. Jessica highly recommended the Terahertz Wand as opposed to the Prife iTera Care device based on her findings related to "deceptive business practices" at Prife.

Terahertz Wand

The Wild West Tested and Approved Terahertz Wand is now available on our website. Each device includes an Instruction Manual, Carrying Case, and complimentary eBook (Psychological Elements of Chakra Healing). Our Terahertz Wands are in stock and ship FREE (USPS Priority) anywhere in the US in 1 business day. We encourage our customers to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

Customer service is our #1 priority. Your health and safety is our primary concern. Please DO NOT purchase this wand for personal use if any of the prohibited conditions above apply to your health. We offer full refunds on orders cancelled within 12 hours (due to our prompt shipping policies).


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