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Wax Melts

Wild West Wax Melts are handmade with all-natural soy wax, and a blend of natural fragrance oils and pure essential oils. Our wax melts are phthalate free and do not contain any toxins, dyes, or parabens. We use organically grown dried herbs as toppings, and some of our wax melts are topped with authentic crystal gemstones. Our specialty wax melts include a silver-plated charm for decorative purposes. Wax Melts or wax cubes are smokeless, flameless, and require a wax warmer for use (sold separately). They are an ideal option for environments that prohibit the use of open flames, such as the office building. Each wax melt container weighs 2.75oz. and includes 6 wax cubes. Please contact us directly to learn more about adding our wax melts to your retail store!

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