Sonoran Desert ~ The Story

My favorite time of the year to go camping is when the desert is blooming. It's beautiful, and the aroma of cactus flowers is a fragrance that you just don't smell anywhere else in the country. The flowers are vibrantly glowing with colors so bright they glisten in the sunlight. I could sit in a chair and do nothing but watch these plants bloom for days. It's mesmerizing.

Shown in the photo is the Ocotillo in bloom. On an average day it is simply just a wild looking cactus with a bad attitude. In the spring, it is absolutely beautiful and it smells amazing. We have made lots of joyful memories on these camping trips, and day trips exploring out in the desert. When I smell cactus flowers, it reminds me of riding my four-wheeler in the breeze on a crisp spring day, or reading a book under a tree in the fresh air while enjoying the sounds of nature. It brings a sense of peace and calm just like it does when I am out in the Sonoran Desert.

The Sonoran Desert candle was inspired by these experiences. It is made with cactus flower oils, aloe, nd topped with visuals from the Sonoran Desert. The Yucca plant represents survival, as it commonly known as a survival plant in the desert. It's nothing to add to your recipe book, in fact, the name describes it quite well (yuck-ugh). The lavender and turquoise (replica) represent the lavender farms and turquoise mines of Cochise County.

New Release 2022

I recently partnered with Jessica Gray to begin developing bath and body products to pair with specific candles in our shop, and the Sonoran Desert soaps and bath bombs are one of my personal favorites.

It has that light, fresh cactus flower aroma with a hint of aloe, agave, and jade. It reminds me of getting a luxury spa treatment, but also brings back all those fond memories I have shared with the family out in the Sonoran Desert. All profits from our Sonoran Desert soaps and bath bombs are contributed to Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch. Your purchase helps fund abused and neglected animals rescued by Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch. Learn more on our website at Wild Hearts of the Wild West

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