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"I love these candles! Not only do they smell good but I am really relaxed when I use them. I will be gifting them to special friends and family and I know they are going to love it. I highly recommend this purchase. You will not regret it!" - Brenda

"Oh my goodness this candle is amazing! I bought it to burn while I’m doing yoga and the smell is just amazing." - Stacy


"I’m a repeat customer and always happy with the candles. They smell lovely and have a great energy with them that I enjoy during my meditations." - Kristine

"I ordered these based on their scents and slightly on their descriptions, BUT once burning the one for pain aromatherapy, I noticed an active reduction in pain. I really couldn't believe it. I suffer from chronic pain and this was such a nice relief. These melts are also beautiful in appearance too. She does a great job and I will order more in the future." - Grace

"I have bought 7 products of this scent over the last two weeks and I honestly can't get enough! The smell puts me in my happy place, it's calming, and it's just relaxing. I burn this during the day but mostly at night, especially before bed just makes me sleep better lately. Honestly wish there was something I could put in my car for my drive to work!" - Whitney

"Absolutely in love! Shipping was super fast, and everything came as expected. I was a little hesitant buying candles I haven't smelled in person, but they are FANTASTIC i can't wait to burn them!! I suffer with a lot of anxiety and stress, and just smelling them in the jar provided a sense of calm! Would recommend!" - Natalie

"Lovely candles, I burn one by my bedside as I suffer from night terrors and depression. Haven't woken my husband up screaming lately (poor guy) far so good!" - Stephanie

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