Stress, Anxiety, Depression ~ The Story

My former career is not something I enjoy reflecting on. I was a Mortgage Loan Officer, specializing in credit repair, which wasn't popular in the world of money hungry supervisors. I worked with people who had low credit scores, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and anything else that would make a human being look unworthy to society. The reward for bringing a person like that to homeowner status is unlike anything money could ever buy. That's why I did what I did. I was passionate about helping dreams come true.

Behind the scenes, I was suffering from narcissistic abuse. It gave me anxiety about going into the office, and it was depressing. Corporate was encouraging us to "think outside of the box", yet my supervisor was not so fond of the idea. It was a constant uphill battle that eventually led to my resignation after 14 years in the industry. I knew NOTHING outside of mortgages. I was terrified, but I no longer cared. My sanity was worth more than any career could ever offer me.

A New Career Path

Throwing in the towel on my career, my life experience, and my income was not an easy decision. I enrolled back in college, but I had no idea what I was going to do to make ends meet. My mother-in-law unexpectedly passed away during this time, adding to the feelings of grief and depression. Lavender and chamomile were two of my favorite herbs that got me through my own healing process. Resigning from a career that you love is depressing when you have nothing to look forward to, and losing someone close to you is one of the hardest experiences we encounter in this life. These herbs kept my anxiety in check in moments I felt like having a panic attack. They minimized stress, and kept me from falling into a deep depression. I used them in tea, in my bath, and became a huge fan of lavender lotions and pouches.

The Candle

The name describes it's intention, to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. It is my way of "helping" people who need that special dose of comfort during life's most difficult times. It is the "good" that came out of something I once perceived as "bad". The Stress, Anxiety, Depression candle quickly became our 2nd Best Seller once it was released in our shop, and continues to hold its 5-star rating since its release date.

New Release 2022

I recently partnered up with Jessica Gray (Wild Hearts Apothecary) to develop a Stress, Anxiety, Depression bath bomb and bar of soap. I wanted something that would provide that extra boost of relaxation on days I needed it most. The Stress Bomb is made with premium ingredients, and aids in relaxing sore tense muscles. The lavender and chamomile soap has a fresh splash of citrus to create an uplifting vibe as the muscles and mind relax. It's a wonderful experience to say the least.

All profits from our Stress, Anxiety, Depression soaps and bath bombs are contributed to Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch. Your purchase helps fund abused and neglected animals rescued by Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch. Learn more on our website at Wild Hearts of the Wild West

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