Empath ~ The Story

I think the most challenging aspect of my "job" is creating a fragrance that doesn't already exist based on the types of feelings you are intending to produce with that fragrance. That's exactly what the Empath candle is. Our formulation of natural fragrance oils and pure essential oils intended for soothing the overwhelmed 'Empath'.

Getting to know and understand the 'Empath' is a task that I have successfully failed at for many years. An Empath is a highly emotionally sensitive individual who absorbs energies (emotions or feelings) from other individuals in their environment. Most Empaths are unaware of their abilities, and have a difficult time explaining why they are feeling emotions outside of their conscious awareness.

The 'awareness' phase is the first step in creating a bubble of protection. Being able to distinguish the difference between your own feelings, and feelings that are absorbed from others. The Empath candle is formulated with a cocktail of herbs, pure essential oils and natural fragrance oils that are intended for calming thoughts/emotions to achieve a meditative state of mind more efficiently and effectively. It is topped with the stone of protection (black tourmaline) and stone of love (rose quartz).

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