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Wood Gifts

Wild West Wood Burned Art is done by hand on-site at the Wild West Candle Cabin, or at some random location in the Sonoran Desert that we happen to land on. The artist uses a combination of wood burning and decoupage techniques with the occasional dab of paint or special touch. Each piece of art is authentic and cannot be duplicated by the original artist as they are one-of-a-kind. Wood burned boxes are finished with polyurethane. These wood gifts are available for purchase as they come available in our Etsy shop. We are currently not accepting custom orders but will entertain special requests during adventure season (May – August). At Wild West Candle Co., we love to support our local (Cochise County) artists. Please check out ‘Ralph Wood Burning’ on Facebook and show his wood burned art some love!

Wood burned gifts are priced according to the number of hours it takes to complete each project. Since the artist does not use a machine to print these designs, artwork that contains more detail requires more time.

Browse our current selection of wood burned art in our Etsy Shop

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