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Doc Holliday ~ The Story

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

My inspiration for this candle came from one of my favorite historical places to visit, Tombstone. The town of Tombstone has its own unique aroma that doesn't exist anywhere else on this planet. It's in the wooden sidewalks and in the walls of every building. It just smells like the 1800's, and the energy of the town in present day is not much different than it was back then. It is an incredible and joyful place to be, but it also has a dark side.

Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday was my #1 favorite character in the movie "Tombstone". I am a big fan of his energy, or his attitude. The original photo of Doc Holliday hangs on my wall of Wild West Heroes. I admire how a man who was so ill remained so loyal to his town and his people until the day he died. Doc Holliday's favorite beverage was Overholt Whiskey. The Doc Holliday candle produces a potent whiskey aroma, topped with twirled pepper as a resemblance of Doc's talented twirling abilities.

Other Tombstone Inspired Products


There is an abundance of Pecan Farms in Cochise county, and there is this authentic aroma of freshly cut caramelized pecans when you walk into these pecan stands. It was one of my favorite treats on the ride home to Phoenix (before we moved). A bag of caramelized pecans and a good ol' fashioned Sarsaparilla.

Saddle Up

When I am walking down Allen Street in Tombstone, and I get hit with this powerful aroma of the leather shop. There is that moment when all you can smell is the leather shop. The hats, the boots, the coats, and everything in between. Saddle Up is that "smell". It is topped with cedarwood and a silver plated horse shoe and cowboy boot combo in resemblance of the cowboy leather shop in Tombstone.

Rose Tree Festival

The Annual Rose Festival in Tombstone celebrates the blooming of the world's largest rose tree. The tree is absolutely beautiful, and the aroma of the tree in bloom is a fresh powerful rose fragrance like no other. There is no rose bush in this world like it. The Rose Tree Festival candle was inspired by this tree, and the festivities surrounding it.

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