Buckin' Chute ~ The Story

It began as a fragrance idea from one of our customers. He wanted a scent that would remind his wife of being at the rodeo. A fragrance that would bring back fond memories of the moments they have shared together at these events. An aroma that simply did not exist in that moment of time. We began brainstorming a list of possibilities for this "scent", and decided to blend 4 different types of men's western cologne's. He wanted to name it "Buckin' Chute".

This is what makes my job fun. I cannot purchase any of these fragrances from any of our suppliers, so I had to collect samples of each cologne, obtain all the top, middle, and base notes, then create my own recipe. The result was a perfect blend of Cowboy, Vaquero, Outpost Maker's, and Rock & Roll Cowboy. It is topped with wood shavings, and a silver plated boot with cowboy hat for 'rodeo' visual purposes.

Benson Butterfield Rodeo

I believe in order to truly understand a 'scent', I need to know all aspects of that fragrance and it all begins with an experience. The Benson Butterfield Rodeo was my inspiration for the "art" of this candle. The place was filled with cowboy hats and cowboy boots, and the aroma of various western men's colognes was blowing with the wind, and changing in each direction.

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