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Fireside Wax Melts

Fireside Wax Melts


The Wild West Fireside wax melts capture the true essence of sitting next to a campfire. They produce a smoke and wood aroma, infused with notes of clove and sandalwood and topped with real mesquite wood chips. The Fireside wax melts are a distinctive fragrance formulated for individuals who LOVE that smoky aroma of being next to the bonfire. 


How are the Fireside Wax Melts Beneficial in Aromatherapy?


The Fireside wax melts stimulate the psychological senses and can bring back happy/joyful memories of camping, fishing, exploring the outdoors, and/or sitting around the fire. These wax melts can assist with motivation in planning these types of activities and may uplift the mood for anyone who is craving the campfire season. Mesquite amplifies compassion and warmth and can bring pleasure to loners or people who may feel a sense of loneliness.


How can I use my Fireside Wax Melts?


o   Have an indoor campfire, and roast marshmallows over an UNSCENTED soy candle.

o   Bring the essence of “campfire” to any party/event

  • Shower/Bath Aromatherapy
  • Use them when you light your fireplace to enhace the visual effects


Our nontoxic wax melts are handmade with all-natural soy wax and a blend of natural fragrance oils and pure essential oils. Wild West natural wax melts contain dried botanicals.


-              Phthalate-Free

-              Paraben-Free

-              Dye-Free

-              Scented Wax Melts


This fragrance is available in different sizes. We offer the standard 2.75oz Wax Melt, 4oz Candle, 8oz Candle, 16oz Candle, and 32oz Jar. If you do not see an item you are searching for in our online store, please contact us directly for special requests.  

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