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What Is Wild West Adventures?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Wild West Adventures is a journey we have been on for many years. It is the fuel in our lives that keeps the fire burning, or in other words, our own personal pursuit IN happiness. I believe that incorporating “fun” in our lives is what keeps us young (physically and mentally), and stress accelerates the aging process. Observing the world outside of my box is the reason why Wild West Adventures became a YouTube series.

Verde Valley Boogie Man

Our mission is to motivate people to find their own pursuit in happiness. Whether we are igniting new ideas or guiding the “stressed” into a laugh (at us or with us), our goal is to produce enough sparks to make life a better place to live for all of humanity. Life is full of failures and embarrassments, and those inadequacies are what ultimately define our success and map out our dreams. Wild West Adventures is a journey that reaches out to souls who are seeking to be saved from a life living hell.

Candle Artist

My name is Jessica Clowers. I am a certified Life Coach and Energy Healing Practitioner with two master’s degrees (Psychology and Business Administration). I make candles and operate a retail shop for a living. I have a strong passion for my profession, which is why I chose this path as my career. I also have a strong passion for helping others live their best lives, and that is something I don’t think is easily "coached" in words. I believe the most effective coaching practices are through feelings or emotions.

It is our emotions that influence our thoughts, and it is the emotions you must speak to if you want your words to be heard from the perspective in which you are speaking from. There are a lot of artists who influence emotions through music. It is the sounds in a song that resonate with our present frequency, and the lyrics in the song flow with the perspective of our vibration. This is why you can listen to a song and believe it is talking about (x) in 2002, but when you hear the song again in 2022 you perceive it as something completely different (y). We are simply vibrating at a different frequency than we were 20 years ago.

The Wild West Wine Tour (Season 1)

Wine Tasting

This series (YouTube) is simply a behind the scenes example of what goes into the art of my profession as a small business owner (candle making). When you want something bad enough, sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to go get it. In this case, I wanted a specific fragrance that was not available on the market.

I had to go figure out how to create it myself. I went into this project feeling like I knew absolutely nothing, and I came out of it feeling like I had just gone through 'wine candle' college and acquired this new ability to create anything I could ever imagine. I expected a challenge, prepared for it, and feel like I successfully conquered it. It is difficult to describe the experience in words; first there was a cloud of confusion, then it was simply an eye-opening, educational, informational, pleasant, unique, memorable, fun, and enlightening experience.

The Experience (Season 2)

There is so much more that goes into the “art” of candle making. It’s not just about finding a fragrance or making a candle. It’s also about exercising the creative part of the brain outside of the professional life, and inside of the personal life. I used to call it “Will and Jess Wild West Adventures” because when there is a Will there is a way that some sort of "wild" situation always occurs. It never fails, last year our truck almost went over a cliff, and I had to climb over Will and out the window to save myself. We were both so traumatized from the experience, we forgot to pull the dash cam footage and lost the evidence. Haha!

Alien Life

Wild West Adventures (The Series) is my artistic twist on the life of two happily married individuals. We are both very intelligently ignorant people who have failed and walked through the fire of our own hell to conquer our challenges and transform our incompetence into accomplishments. Our personal visions of success are very simple; freedom, happiness, and financial stability. By sharing our experience, we simply hope to inspire others to pursue the things in life that bring joy and happiness. Some of the content in this series is designed to be dark and gloomy and may be offensive to some people. Our apologies, that's life. Sometimes it is gloomy and offensive.

As an Energy Healing Practitioner, I think it is important for people to know that darkness is a part of life. Energy Healers, Spiritual Healers, we are all human and most of us have chosen to do what we do because we understand the frequency of what it’s like to live in the darkness and find our own light. I think it also important for people to understand that we aren’t perfect. Although we may live in the light by choice, there are situations outside of our control that can dim our light. We experience feelings like grief when we lose a loved one, and anger when lower frequencies disrupt our relationships, etc.

I believe people cannot truly live in happiness until they make the commitment to observe their own hell by confronting their “shadow self” and putting their own “demons” to rest. It’s about diving deep within your own soul to explore the reasons why you are bothered by the things that cause those negative emotions you are feeling. Once there is acceptance and forgiveness for the past traumas that haunt us, there is a release that occurs within the emotional and spiritual bodies resulting in a loss of certain fears that are simply unconscious obstacles that stand in our way of reaching that next level in life. Until those demons are buried properly, they will continue to haunt us in our dreams and in our thoughts.

Wild West Adventures is about igniting new ideas and thoughts, creating sparks of inspiration, and living life to its fullest potential. It's about failing, and learning how to become the better you so you can become successful at accomplishing your goals. This series is dedicated to our entire family, friends, customers, and followers. Cheers to all your failures, embarrassments, and humiliations in life! We love you and support you all in your personal discrepancies AND pursuits IN happiness.


There is a light within every life experience. It is our responsibility to find the light and shine it, and it is our duty to find the source of our own negativity if we want to extinguish it. We only know what we are informed of. Everything else in this life is painted by our own perceptions. People who are walking in the lower vibrations of life don't necessarily want to be there. They know their hell is a terrifying place to be. They want to protect people from it, including themselves. They aren't sure how to express their love, and it is often blinded by their anger that is fueled by their own demons within them. They know you don't understand them, so they will often paint pictures with their words to avoid our persecution while they distance themselves by taking an alternative path outside of our reality, ultimately leading to addiction, depression, mental illness, and/or suicide.

Espresso Soy Candle
Espresso ~ Wake Up, Light Your Flame, Pass It On

Wild West Adventures "The Experience" (Season 2) premieres Friday, September 9th on our YouTube Channel (WildWestCandleCo). Light your flame, find your human happiness, and pass it on :)

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