Clearing Negative Energy ~ The Story

The Clearing Negative Energy candle is one of our 'wildest' stories. This one simply is what it is, yet it is also quite complex as to how it became what it is today. The name says it all. Clearing Negative Energy was formulated to clear negative energy out of your personal space. It's not just a candle that smells nice with a fancy name.

My home science project began not long after we moved into the home we live in today. I had a nightmare about 'demons in the house' the first night we moved in. I thought it was silly, so I just brushed it off and began unpacking and settling in. Everything seemed normal for the first couple of weeks, and then these random, odd things started happening around the house. No one could describe it.

The 'Garbage Pail' Kid

One day I walked into my son's room and I was immediately hit with this strong garbage can odor. It smelled rancid, as if we had put the outside garbage can in his room and opened the lid. I searched his room for over an hour and could not find the smell. It either gradually dissipated as I was in his room, or I just got used to it. When he got home, he was basically interrogated about his room 'scent'. Although he smelled it too, he could not provide an explanation as to where it was coming from or what it was.

This 'smell' went on for days, and some days were worse than others. There were times when we could smell it out in the living room. We searched his room multiple times, and around the outside of the premises for any sign of dead animals. Nothing. There was no smell outside of the house, or outside of his room. Then, one morning he woke up and informed me that he had seen someone standing by his closet before he fell asleep. He said he could not see who it was, but it scared him. It was a man with a hat and a coat standing in front of his closet, and he just stared at him while he was laying in bed.

Who Died in my House?

There is no record of any death in this house or on this property. I searched every record dating back to the founders of this area in the late 1800's. We live in an area that is historically known for being the "wild west". Although it is not likely that any deaths occurred on our land, there are documented brutal events that occurred nearby. Back in the 1800's, if you wanted to get to Bisbee, Tombstone, or Fairbank from Tucson or California, you had to travel through our area by train or stagecoach. Some of the 'energies' that passed through here are tied to events like the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Bisbee Massacre, Fairbank Robbery, and that's just to name a few.

Based on my research, I never thought my house was "haunted". I do think some of the 'paranormal' types of events we have experienced are nothing more than stagnant energy getting trapped in a space that had not been cleared. If a negative spirit is associated with these energies, they can be more difficult to clear. Since we don't know the history of the owners who lived here before this house was vacant, it is difficult to determine if these 'energies' we were experiencing were fueled by energies in the house by the living occupants. Negative energies fuel negative energies, and visa versa.

The Reality Check

It was an eerie feeling to hear this out of your son before you have the chance to swallow your first cup of morning coffee. I have worked with quite a few experienced paranormal investigators in the past, and I knew the "garbage smell" was never a good thing. We spent the morning cleaning up his room, and we opened the windows and smudged with sage. I thought all was well, it felt better, and smelled better. I was wrong.

The garbage smell came back stronger than ever. I smudged his room again, and this time I used Palo Santo after the sage. The smell went away for about a week, and returned stronger than before. I could see as the days went by, my son was becoming depressed. He couldn't explain why he felt the way he did, and I was growing concerned as the days went by. Smudging his room only worked for about a week in terms of keeping the garbage smell away.

I needed something that was more powerful than white sage and palo santo once a week. That's when I came up with the idea of formulating a "smudging" candle. I used a combination of oils and herbs that would smudge the space when first lit, and continue to clear the room while it is burning. I made a dozen candles, and lit one in each room after I smudged with white sage and palo santo. I continued burning these candles in each room that was occupied for the rest of the week. Then, I stopped smudging with white sage and palo santo to see if it the candles could replace the smudging routine.

The Results

The candles worked better than I ever expected them to. The garbage smell never returned, and my son's "depression" phase disappeared overnight. It felt like a miracle, but I just wasn't sure I believed it although I was "seeing" it. I burned one of those candles in his room daily for 30 days. I don't think he has had to use them in his room in 3 years.

The Clearing Negative Energy candle quickly became our 'Best Seller', and has remained at the top of the charts since its release. Some of the feedback and reviews we get on this particular product are absolutely incredible. You just can't make this stuff up. They have maintained a 5-star rating, and are quite popular 'on the job' in places like banks, financial institutions, and government offices.

New Release 2022

I recently partnered up with Jessica Gray (Wild Hearts Apothecary) to develop a Clearing Negative Energy bath bomb and bar of soap. Jessica Gray is a talented designer who also has a background in the arts of healing (animals), and that's the type of 'energy' I want in products that I will not be making. The mood and energy levels of the creator is the most critical part of the development process. Lovely moods create lovely products. Shitty moods create piles of shit. It happens. We have been there and done that.

The Evaluation Process

In order to know if this product does what it is intended to do (bomb away negativity), we had to test it on someone who was in an AWFUL mood. That person just happened to be my husband, Will. He had a VERY bad day at work and it was obvious. That's when he became our guinea pig. I ran him a nice warm bath, lit a Clearing Negative Energy candle to clear his air, and bombed him with Clearing Negative Energy.

He soaked for 40 minutes and came out of the bathroom smiling. Since it worked how it was intended, the Clearing Negative Energy bath bomb and bar of soap were released in our shop. All profits from our Clearing Negative Energy soaps and bath bombs are contributed to Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch. Your purchase helps fund abused and neglected animals rescued by Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch. Learn more on our website at Wild Hearts of the Wild West

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