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Wild Hearts of the Wild West


Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch is an incorporated non-profit in the state of Arizona. Most of the animals that arrive at the ranch are starved, severely beaten, or have been neglected from proper care. 

The Story

Jessica Gray, owner of Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch, spends most of her time caring for abused and neglected horses. She also has a passion for crafting natural soaps and body products which led to the creation of Wild Hearts Apothecary. Jessica Clowers, owner of Wild West Candle Co., met Jessica Gray through a member of the community while searching for a local soap designer. 

Jessica Clowers was looking for an experienced soap designer who specialized in working with natural ingredients, and Jessica Gray became the perfect fit. The duo moved forward in creating soaps and bath bombs to enhance the aromatherapy characteristics of Wild West Candle Co. while working on building a partnership that would benefit the animal rescue.

Together, they created "Wild Hearts of the Wild West", a co-branded line of products developed by two "wild hearted" individuals in the "wild west". All profits are contributed to Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch. 

Your Purchase Supports:

  • Vet Treatments

  • Ferrier Visits

  • Food

  • Pens/Facilities

  • Shade Screens

  • Facility Space

  • Proper Care

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