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Voting Terms & Conditions

Wild or Mild is an online game show sponsored by Wild West Candle Co.

Gameshow contestants are a group of bad actors we found on the internet, begging for 60 seconds of fame. 


HOW TO PLAY: Watch the Halloween Game Show, 'Wild or Mild', on our YouTube Channel. Then, go to our website at to cast your vote. by 11:59pm on 11/6.

Wild - A 'wild' vote is defined as a true story (Truth)

Mild - A 'mild' vote is defined as a fictional story (Lie)

Tune into our YouTube Channel on 11/11 to find out if you won!

WINNER DETAILS: In the event we have more than one winner, the grand prize will be divided and split equally between two winners. In the event we have more than two winners, the winning votes will be put into hat and two winners will be selected at random on 11/11. Please note, winners outside of Arizona and California will not receive a Pillsbury Wine Co. e-gift card.

OUT OF STATE WINNERS: Can redeem their electronic gift credits through Giftly to purchase wine directly from Merkin Vineyards on their website. Although Merkin Vineyards ships wine to most states, please check their website to confirm your state is on the list prior to voting. Winners who reside outside of Arizona and California are not eligible for Pillsbury Wine Co. e-gift cards. 

PRIZE DETAILS: The winner will receive one $50 e-gift card (Giftly) to Merkin Vineyards in Scottsdale, Arizona OR Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room & Osteria in Cottonwood, Arizona and one $50 e-gift card (Giftrocket) to Pillsbury Wine Co. in Cottonwood, Arizona via email. Gift cards are ONLY redeemable through Giftly and Giftrocket. Merkin Vineyards and Pillsbury Wine Co. are not associated with 'Wild or Mild', or 'Wild West Candle Co.', and cannot be held responsible for 3rd party gift cards or content of this show. 

HOW TO CLAIM A PRIZE: Winner(s) will be revealed at the end of the show (11/11). Winner(s) are notified by email immediately following the show. Please check your email for further instructions, and don't forget to check your spam folder. 

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