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Sedona Sunrise ~ The Story

This is one of our original candles, inspired by the trips I used to take up to the Sedona vortex sites; an earthy and peaceful environment full of trees, lots of woodsy aromas. It's also a place where hiker's and spiritual healers like to go, so there is the occasional spicy aromas of patchouli and cloves blowing by.

I would return home from these trips full of energy and inspiration that would last for weeks. The Sedona Sunrise candle was one of those creations. It was also the place that inspired the Chakra Collection. I took my mother-in-law on a vortex tour, 6 months before she passed away. It was a day full of miracles that would go un-noticed to the average person walking by. That trip inspired her to grow her own herb garden, and set new goals for her personal growth.

Imagination Gone Wild