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Rodeo Collection Handmade Candles ~ The Story

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

This is what happens when your typical rodeo friends get together to play "If rodeo were a scent". What would it smell like, and what would its name be? We get names like "Rodeo Queen" followed by its offensive alternative, "Buckle Bunny" with scents like "relaxing and spa-like" to "stripper". The artistic expression resulted in the bamboo and coconut scented Rodeo Queen handmade candles topped with roses.

Rodeo Queen

I liked the idea of having a spa scented candle to light in celebration of becoming the "Rodeo Queen". Next on our list was the Rodeo Clown, followed by its offensive alternative, "Freak off a leash". It became a cotton-candy scented glitter show that has more of that "stripper" vibe I declined on the Rodeo Queen. Needless to say, Rodeo Clown wasn't very popular so I didn't feel it needed to take up too much space on this page.

Trail Ride

Trail Ride was a fun little process. I learned that quite a few riders prefer to ride on the trails right after it rains. The overcast hides the sun, the temperatures are cooler, and the humidity brings out the aromas of rain, fresh air, and woods. Buckin' Chute and Saddle Up were also added to the Rodeo Collection.

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