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How to Protect Your Energy in a Stressful World

Becoming aware of your own emotions is the foundation to protecting your energy. Our emotions are what tell us what we like and dislike. The intensity of those emotions (positive and negative) is what effects our energy field. When we receive bad news, we "feel" that information before we react. These "feelings" can vary from mild to severe with any given circumstance. For example, you arrive at work and find out that one of your co-workers is absent due to a death in the family vs. you receive a phone call at work and find out that one of your family members had passed. Although you may feel sadness and empathy for your co-worker, you do not experience the grieving process like you do when you lose someone close to you. There are many situations in life that will always be outside of our control. However, there are also just as many situations in life that you are in control of.