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Wild West Herb Garden

Planted in loving memory of Barbara Nicley

1964 - 2017


Barbara Nicley (Bobbi Jo) was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She moved to Gilbert, Arizona in 2016 to be closer to her son and his family. In April 2017, Jessica took Barb up to the Sedona vortex sites. They spent the day hiking together in nature, took the time to stop and smell the flowers, and sat together to enjoy the incredible views of mother nature. Barb had achieved unrealistic milestones for herself that day. She hiked over 3 miles without any muscle soreness or pain. Normally, she struggled to walk 1 mile on flat surfaces. The next morning, she called Jessica and told her about all her new goals she wanted to accomplish. Jessica also woke up with an imagination full of new goals, and the two shared their new inspirations over a cup of coffee. One of Barb's biggest intentions was to start planting her own herb garden. She started off small, with a few succulent plants for her porch. Six months later, she passed away unexpectedly in her favorite chair next to her swimming pool. In 2019, her son and his family purchased a home in Cochise county, where Jessica planted an herb garden in Barb's honor. 

Herbs Organically Grown on Site



Our Rosemary bushes were planted by seed in the spring of 2020. We have 6 mature plants on site, and they all produce an abundant supply of herbs for our shop. Rosemary is harvested by hand twice per year. 


White Sage

Our White Sage bushes were planted by seed indoors in 2019. We have 1 mature plant producing herbs on site, and 1 plant that should be producing by 2023. Our White Sage bush supplies the loose sage we use on our candles, but is not currently keeping up with the demand. 



Our Lavender plants have been the most difficult herb to grow. One seed out of 50 sprouted in 2020. The plants growth was stunted for its first year of life. It's healthy, growing, and produced 4 clones in 2022. Our lavender plants are not currently supplying lavender to our shop.



We have 3 Rose bushes on site, planted outdoors as starter plants in 2021. Although these plants are not supplying our shop yet, we are anticipating our first rose petal harvest in 2023!



We have 1 chamomile bush on site, planted indoors by seed in 2019. Although the plant supplies some chamomile to our shop, it cannot currently keep up with the demand. We are planting 2 more plants in the spring of 2023.

Where do our other herbs come from?

We do our best to keep our herbs as authentic and organic as possible. All herbs at Wild West Candle Co. are organically grown from seed on site. Additionally, we order USDA certified organic herbs through a regional supplier. Our Palo Santo is whittled by hand on site. We work with a small regional supplier who actively supports the conservation of Palo Santo's native habitat by planting hundreds of Palo Santo tress every year. Our Pine needles and Pine cones are hand-selected from the forest in Pinetop, Arizona. We use USDA certified organic coffee beans, and food varieties on seasonal items, and our mesquite chips are provided by a local supplier. 

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